The Nation's top Bmx Stunt Team provides action-packed BMX SCHOOL ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS and SPECIAL EVENTS ENTERTAINMENT!


High Action Bikes school assembly program travels the USA Educating and Entertaining thousands of kids with live bmx stunt shows. Our bmx stunt teams provide exciting and educational school assembly programs for Schools, Camps, and US Military Bases Worldwide.

We are dedicated to providing schools an action-packed school assembly that is sure to grab the attention of your students and leave a lasting impression. Our bmx stunt team is a combination of important powerful health and safety messages while performing a 40 minute school assembly! We performed our assembly program to over 2000 schools over the past 15 Years.

Our school assembly program offers a variety of Powerful and Motivational messages to educate your students. Schools can decide which important positive message or messages they would like to include in their assembly. Our school assembly includes messages on Character Building, No Bullying, Drug Awareness, Bicycle Helmet Safety, and Healthy and Responsible Choices.
We also deliver positive drug free messages to kids for our Red Ribbon Week assembly

We feel it’s important to not only impress the kids with our gravity defying tricks but also to teach them valuable lessons. We give the kids powerful messages in hopes of steering them in the right direction in the future.

Our performers send messages to the kids that are genuine, and not preachy. Our bmx stunt team riders make our assemblies exciting and your kids will listen and learn!

During every assembly we will ask your kids what they would like to do when they grow up. Its exciting to hear that kids have set goals to be teachers, doctors, firemen, policemen, veterinarians, lawyer, pro sports athletes, and even the president of the United States. Your kids will be amazed to have current Top Pro X-Games Bmx Athletes perform an assembly at your school!

Each of our programs are adjusted to the age group in attendance and includes interaction between the performers and students.

Here is what we provide in our assembly.

  • 2 to 3 professional bmx stunt team athletes/educators
  • 40 minutes per performance
  • JBL P. A. system and wireless microphone for addressing your students
  • Ramp Shows
  • Flatland Shows
  • Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Indoor or Outdoor performances
  • Autographs - Posters - Free Giveaways

2016-2017 BMX Show Prices (depending on location)

1 assembly
2 assembly
Touring Areas
Box Ramp
Midwest & East Coast
* The 2 assembly price is for the same location on same date.

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School Tours
High Action Bikes Bmx Stunt Team performs shows for schools in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Kentucky. We also perform in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont, and Connecticut.

Special Events Entertainment
Are you a special event promoter or entertainment promoter that's looking for an Action Packed, Gravity Defying bmx stunt team for your special event?

High Action Bikes Bmx Stunt Team & Dialed Action Sports Team work together to offer the Best Pro Action Sport Shows and School Assembly Programs in the country!

  1. Dialed Action Sports Team
    High Action Bikes Bmx Stunt Shows

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No Bullying Assemblies
Healthy and Responsible Choices Assemblies
Drug Awareness Assemblies
Bicycle Helmet Safety Assemblies

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Why Hire a High Action Bikes or Dialed Action Sports BMX School Assembly for your next assembly?
Having professional entertainment at your event should leave a lasting impression with your audience, long after they leave. With over 70% of our clients requesting us to return to their events year after year, we guarantee that the job will get done right. Our BMX stunt teams are dedicated to professionalism, respect, and hard work.

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High Action Bikes has been the Nation's Leading Bmx Stunt Team for over 15 years!