5 Tips for an Effective School Assembly
For centuries, school assemblies have been effective ways to communicate ideas as simple as school spirit and as complex as bullying. But not all assemblies are created equal. A successful one must have five key components. Starting with the most important:

1. Attention Grabbing
In order for students to listen and therefore learn, they must first be interested. Ask any teacher what the most difficult part of teaching is and they will tell you it is grabbing and keeping the student’s attention. For a company like High Action Bikes, gaining the undivided attention of students comes naturally. The start of each assembly is designed to gain interest. And, in most cases, students are already intrigued after noticing the setup.

2. Engaging Content
Getting their attention is one thing, keeping it is another. As any parent, guardian, or teacher will tell you, children of all ages have short attention spans. Luckily, the content of a High Action Bikes appeals to that adrenaline-filled spirit in children. They can’t wait to see what happens next.

3. Time Considerations
It’s important to be mindful of the length of your school assembly. No matter how interesting or engaging something is, it is a natural human trait to become satiated after a while. With that in mind, High Action Bikes school assemblies are engineered to be exciting and informative from start to finish. There’s no wasted time. No boring lectures. The schedule of the assembly is specifically built to entertain and inform without dragging on.

4. The Message
Let’s face it, no matter how engaged a student becomes, he or she must also be learning. This is paramount to High Action Bikes. We have programs on bullying, saying no to drugs and alcohol, character building, etc… No matter what the focus, we can build an effective school assembly to convey the message. Learning is goal number one.

5. Sustainability
Any teacher knows that repetition is one of the pillars of the learning process. The schools that bring us back time and time again have found their students craving the learning environment we create. They remember the message because of the way it was presented.

So the next time you plan a school assembly, remember these five important components. And remember the High Action Bikes has been creating school assembly programs for over fifteen years. We use these five components in every assembly we do.

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